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Go Go Spa is a new concept of dog washing. The idea came from owner Jessica and Solon. It all started when they were attempting to wash their 45 pounds poodle in their bathtub, you can imagine the headache and disaster that came along with it. With a passion for dog and the community they came up with the conceptofGo Go Spa, the self-service bath spa helping dog owners to wash their love one's headache free and enjoyable.

The self-service bathtub in Go Go Spa is exactly the opposite of a headache, it creates a great showering experience for you and your dog. Dogs enter the spacious bathtub that can hold dog up to 80+ pounds. While in the bathtub you are provided with every you may need from quality shampoo to brushes.

We understand everyone has a busy schedule, so that's why we also have our expert groomers to shower your dog with love and care.

If you need a new style for your dog, we also our roomers also do stylings and give high-quality cuts for your dog. Your dog will look like the model in the next dog cover magazine! Come to Go Go Spa and pamper your family member with the quality spa treatment because we believe that every family deserves the best.

Schedule now and give your dog a beauty spa makeover!

Solon is the co-owner of Go Go Spa. Supporting Jessica to turn their passion into reality. 

Spa Owner

Spa Owner

Jessica always had a passion with dogs so she turned her passion into a company. Now she serves all the customer who walked into  Go-Go Spa's door. 

Jessica enjoys her family's presence, and often time spends the weekend with them and the poodles at the Spa.  

Jessica You

We Treat your Dog like Our Own Family

Solon Giant

 Go Go Spa Dog Wash

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